Focal points

Here you will find all ongoing and completed nexus projects on the respective topic or procedure. Click on one of the terms below.

  • iDEM – Innovative and Inclusive Democratic Spaces for Deliberation and Participation

    nexus is researching the challenges faced by people with disabilities in political participation processes. Together with ten other European partners, nexus is developing an AI-based voice assistant to facilitate the communicative participation of people with disabilities.

  • Citizens’ Climate Forum Schleswig-Holstein

    nexus conceives and organises the Climate Citizens' Forum Schleswig-Holstein.

  • Berlin Climate Citizens’ Assembly

    nexus is designing the Berlin Climate Citizens' Assembly on behalf of SenUVK, in which randomly selected Berlin residents discuss climate policy.

  • Citizen’s Forum Corona Baden-Württemberg

    nexus accompanies and moderates the Citizen’s Forum Corona in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

  • Secure data traffic – everyday illustration of fundamental rights risks

    nexus researches how internet users and experts perceive the risks of data processing on the internet and develops data protection-compliant information dialogs.

  • Process support and evaluation „GROW HAPPY NBG – growing up mentally healthy in the neighbourhood “

    nexus accompanies the project team in the planning and implementation process and evaluates the project GROW HAPPY NBG on behalf of the city of Nürnberg.

  • Future of public participation against the background of decades of prolonged nuclear waste storage search

    On behalf of the National Monitoring Committee, nexus examined and researched the extent to which a nuclear waste dump search, which reaching up to the 2040s, would influence the participation of citizens in the search for repository.

  • Forum against fakes – Together for a strong democracy

    As a service provider to the Bertelsmann Stiftung, nexus designs and implements a Citizens' Council on the topic of disinformation.

  • TheaDiPOLIS – Theater participation for a digitally experienceable creation of the future polis

    nexus accompanies and evaluates the possibility of combining methods of autobiograph-ical-documentary theater with non-actors with interactive digital tools as a participation method in urban development projects.

  • A court of the future. Advancing the rule of law together

    nexus is organizing a participatory process for judicial employees, stakeholders and the general public to further develop the justice system in Baden-Württemberg.

  • Development and piloting of the “Participation in border regions” programme

    On behalf of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the nexus Institute supports regions on the border with Germany's neighbouring countries in the development of cross-border citizen participation projects and structures.

  • Conception and implementation of five further training as part of the workshop series “Learning together” for the experience and consulting network Bürgerbeteiligung Sachsen (EBBS)

    Accessibility of citizen participation – in the sense of a wide concept of inclusion.

  • Climate Assembly Skopje

    nexus supports the conception, implementation and evaluation of a citizens' council in Skopje on air pollution.

  • AI Cockpit: Implementation of practical examples for “Human in Command”

    nexus evaluates, accompanies and designs the research project AI-Cockpit: Implementation of practical examples for "Human in Command" on behalf of the BMAS.

  • Multi-stakeholder online survey Elbe-Elster Clinic

    nexus develops and conducts a multi-stakeholder online survey on behalf of the Elbe-Elster Klinikum.

  • Gender-sensitive urban planning: potential for sustainable and diverse cities

    On behalf of the BBSR, nexus is working together with UP19 Stadtforschung + Beratung as part of the "Experimental Housing and Urban Development" (ExWoSt) research programme on the study "Gender-equitable urban development: potential for sustainable and diverse cities".

  • Support in the establishment and moderation of the citizens’ advisory council “Structural Change in the Central German Coalfields” Saxony-Anhalt

    nexus is supporting the Structural Change in the Central German Coalfields Department, State Chancellery and Ministry of Culture of Saxony-Anhalt in setting up a citizens' advisory council.

  • Gesellschafts-Forum Kunstgewerbemuseum of the Dresden State Art Collections (SKD)

    On behalf of the Dresden State Art Collections, nexus holds a forum with randomly selected citizens to democratize the museum.

  • Society Forum Bundeskunsthalle

    On behalf of the Bundeskunsthalle, nexus organizes a social forum for the democratization of the museum.

  • Citizens’ Assembly for Democracy

    A project team comprising Mehr Demokratie e.V., schöpflin Stiftung, nexus and IFOK carries out a civil society-based participation project based on the model of the Irish Citizens’ Assembly

  • Participation Tempelhofer Freiheit

    nexus conducts citizens' discussions on the development of Tempelhofer Feld and develops a medium-term participation strategy for the Senate Department.

  • Park Landscape User Advisory Council

    nexus moderates the discussion process on Tempelhofer Feld and organises two major events on the subject.

  • Visitor monitoring of the Tempelhof park landscape

    nexus is conducting visitor monitoring with focus group discussions to learn more about the use of Tempelhofer Feld.

  • Ideas Workshop “At Home in Tempelhof “

    nexus conceives and moderates an ideas workshop for citizens in the Berlin district of Tempelhof-Schöneberg.

  • Concept development for a usage monitoring system for Berlin’s parks

    nexus is developing a basic concept for visitor surveys that will be used in all of Berlin's green spaces in the future.

  • Urban Development Concept Migration and Participation in Osnabrück

    nexus supports the city of Osnabrück in the preparation of an urban development concept.

  • Diversity training for employees and managers of the Berlin administration

    nexus designs a training programme that empowers employees to deal with sexual diversity appropriately and proactively.

  • Planning cells Wernigerode

    nexus organises planning cells in which randomly selected citizens develop concepts for the future use of Wernigerode's city centre.

  • Planning cells for the development of the Tempelhofer Damm neighbourhood

    nexus is conducting planning cells on behalf of the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment on the possible creation of a new urban residential quarter at Tempelhofer Damm.

  • Citizens’ opinions through planning cells in Planegg

    nexus conducts planning cells in the municipality of Planegg to update the land use plan and future local development.

  • Role of companies in citizen participation processes

    On behalf of Veolia Environnement, nexus surveys municipalities across Germany on the involvement of companies in participation processes and their acceptance.

  • Solidary city

    nexus is analysing the importance of participation for cooperative approaches in establishing climate-relevant behaviour as part of a joint project.

  • Climate-ready: joint resilience management by the city and the local economy

    nexus is designing a process for municipalities, economic development agencies and small and medium-sized enterprises to adapt to climate change.

  • Mobility2Grid

    nexus organises planning cells/citizens' expert opinions on the intelligent energy and transport transition in urban neighbourhoods as part of the BMBF joint project "Future Campus".

  • Citizens’ report with planning cells on the possible construction of a cable car in Wuppertal

    nexus is conducting planning cells in the suspension railway city of Wuppertal, where citizens are discussing the construction of an additional cable car from the main railway station to Wuppertal-Cronenberg.


    With Siemens AG and other partners, nexus is developing an online platform and business models to strengthen mobility services in rural areas.

  • Focus groups on the second update of the Urban Development Plan for Transport

    On behalf of the Senate Department, nexus is taking on part of the public participation for the development of a model for the transport of the future.

  • Planning cells “Experience a change in transport – help shape urban space

    nexus accompanies and moderates two planning cells for the interdisciplinary project, which is carried out by the WZB Social Science Research Center Berlin, paper planes e.V. and the Technical University of Berlin and funded by Stiftung Mercator.

  • Guide to Demographic Change for the Free State of Saxony

    nexus is developing a practical guide for the Free State of Saxony on how to deal with demographic change at the municipal level.

  • Engagement potential in Thuringia

    nexus develops starting points for the further development of the promotion of volunteering for the Thuringian Volunteer Foundation on a sociological basis.

  • Citizens’ bus Homberg (Efze)

    nexus supports the North Hessian town of Homberg in setting up a citizens' bus system.

  • Citizens’ buses Rhineland-Palatinate

    nexus supports local initiatives and transport companies in setting up a citizens' bus system in rural areas.

  • Citizens’ buses Schleswig-Holstein

    nexus supports volunteer driving services and municipalities in setting up volunteer-operated community bus systems.

  • Citizens’ report with planning cells on administrative, functional and territorial reform in Thuringia

    nexus is conducting planning cells in the four planning regions of Thuringia on behalf of the state government in order to develop recommendations for a territorial reform that is acceptable to the citizens.

  • Citizens’ buses Arzberg (district of Nordsachsen)

    nexus supports the establishment of a citizens' bus in the district of Nordsachsen.

  • Citizens’ report with planning cells on the development of the Munich region

    nexus conducts planning cells on behalf of the Munich Regional Planning Association to develop recommendations for regional development.

  • Citizens’ report on the ParcelPost site in Munich

    nexus conducts four planning cells on behalf of the City of Munich as well as the upstream kick-off event and the round table to identify topics.

  • Energy transition in the Barnim district

    Using the example of the Barnim district, nexus is investigating how citizens can be involved in the energy transition at the municipal level.

  • Focus group families in small towns in peripheral locations

    On behalf of the Senate Department, nexus is taking on part of the public participation for the development of a model for the transport of the future.

  • Contest: “Sowing Ideas – Reaping the Future

    nexus conceives and accompanies a competition for young people to shape rural areas as attractive regions of the future.

  • Youth with Perspectives – Future Opportunities in East Germany through Work and Training

    nexus is running a competition in which East German young people confidently engage with their regional living environment.

  • Concept for citizen participation in Wolfsburg

    nexus conducts citizens' forums, youth forums and a citizens' meeting in which the future structure of citizen participation in Wolfsburg is developed and subsequently decided in the city council.

  • Governance und Partizipation in der Telangana Region

    nexus is holding a "salon" for decision-makers in the Telangana region of southern India on the establishment of an independent state.

  • Young Cities – Developing Energy-Efficient Urban Fabric in the Tehran- Karaj Region

    nexus develops forms of participation to promote sustainable behaviour among the population of fast-growing "megacities" in Iran.

  • NEAR2 – Network for European-Asian Railway Research

    nexus coordinates a network of actors for the integration of long-distance freight rail transport in the Asian economies.

  • U_LOG: Sustainable Urban Logistics

    nexus organises the citizen participation processes within the framework of a consortium that transports sustainable solutions for the transport of goods and goods in three large-scale cities in three large-scale cities.

  • transformAfrica: Social-ecological transformation in Morocco and Africa

    nexus moderates conferences and workshops of a project to support civil society initiatives and networks in Morocco and Africa in social-ecological transformation.

  • Preliminary study: Regional services of general interest – foreign experiences

    nexus is preparing a European comparative accompanying study within the framework of the federal model project "Aktionsprogramm regionale Daseinsvorsorge".

  • PRACTIS – Privacy-Appraising Challenges to Technologies and Ethics

    nexus is involved in an EU project that is investigating the impact of new technologies on privacy and the resulting new ethical requirements.

  • Enhancing Societal Resilience (ESR)

    nexus is developing an expert exchange system for dealing with terrorism based on the example of the particularly resilient Israeli society, which is experienced in crisis management.

  • Hyderabad as a sustainable megacity

    Together with civil society initiatives in the southern Indian metropolis of Hyderabad, nexus is developing projects and concepts for citizen participation on the topic of "low-emission lifestyles".

  • DELIKAT – Expert Dialogues DELIberative DemoCrATy: Analysis of participatory procedures for the transformation process

    nexus examines the possibilities of further developing the current political system using new participation procedures in the field of environment.

  • Biographies of returned entrepreneurs

    On behalf of the Federal Government Commissioner for the New Federal States, nexus produces biographical portraits of entrepreneurial personalities who are investing again in the East after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

  • Maps of the Uncertain

    nexus develops an innovative graphic representation in which the areas of scientific non-knowledge in the field of crises and disasters are made visible.

  • Migrants as entrepreneurs

    nexus investigates the ethnic entrepreneurial scene on behalf of Berlin's Integration Commissioner and makes recommendations for promoting migrant start-ups.

  • Work-time sovereignty of knowledge actors in project management

    In a survey of project employees, nexus investigates how freely designed working time can enable a balance between effectiveness and privacy.

  • Growing older in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

    nexus prepares a basic expertise with recommendations for action for a state parliamentary commission of enquiry on the topic of "Civic Engagement and Social Participation".

  • Citizen Science in der Ressortforschung des Umweltbundesamtes

    nexus is developing a concept study on the closer involvement of the public in decision-making and problem-solving processes of science and politics.

  • Synergies on the ground – analysis of municipal networks in child and youth work, open assistance for senior citizens or refugee assistance

    nexus analyses networks of child and youth work, open work with senior citizens and refugee aid in five model municipalities.

  • Remunicipalisation: Employees’ and citizens’ interests in public water and electricity companies in Germany and France

    nexus is compiling a catalogue of different forms of participation for citizens and employees on the basis of case studies at six public energy and water companies.

  • Traffic Access Systems (VERS)

    nexus is researching how the acceptance of RFID-based electronic ticket control can be increased among users.

  • Research Agenda Sustainable Urban Mobility

    nexus defined in three expert workshops with stakeholders, the most important questions on sustainable urban mobility are elaborated and brought together in a final conference to form a research agenda.

  • Prevention report for the substitute funds

    nexus designs and produces the first prevention report of the substitute health insurance funds for the years 2019-2021.

  • Evaluation of the Return- and Immigration-Network

    nexus evaluates the effectiveness of the Return- and Immigration-Network, a transnational association of return initiatives in eastern Germany.

  • Expert Opinion Modernisation Trends in the Petition System at the European Parliaments

    nexus assesses the petition process and the IT procedures used for it in various European countries on behalf of the German Bundestag.

  • Evaluation of the State Programme of the Free State of Saxony to Promote Measures for Coping with Demographic Change

    nexus is working on behalf of the Saxon state government to develop recommendations for the further development of the state programme and the optimisation of funding strategies.

  • Expert opinion on the Berlin Seniors’ Participation Act

    nexus assesses the origins, objectives and implementation of the Participation Act as a basis for amendment.

  • Evaluation model programme “Erste Schwelle”

    nexus is evaluating a programme run by independent youth work organisations for young people in eastern Germany who have difficulties finding a training place or a job.

  • Evaluation of the “Eating Cult Tour” programme

    nexus evaluates an action- and lifeworld-oriented concept of nutrition counselling for the Verbraucherzentrale NRW.

  • Evaluation of the “Thüringer Agentur Für Fachkräftegewinnung” ThAFF

    nexus evaluates the work of the Thüringer Agentur Für Fachkräftegewinnung (ThAFF) in order to optimise tasks and processes.

  • Evaluation of the ELTERN-AG

    nexus is evaluating a primary prevention training for young families that aims to improve parents' parenting skills and their self-help potential.

  • Evaluation of the Saxony-Anhalt Demography Funding Guideline

    nexus evaluates the funding guideline on behalf of the state government and develops recommendations for further development.

  • Evaluation of the Advocate Europe ideas competition

    nexus evaluates a programme that gives start-up funding to civil society actors and recommends measures for further development.

  • Evaluation Future Craft Sector NRW

    nexus is evaluating an initiative of the Chamber of Crafts in North Rhine-Westphalia.

  • Evaluation of the Hamburg Seniors’ Participation Act

    nexus evaluates the Hamburg Seniors' Participation Act with the involvement of the Seniors' Advisory Councils and other interest groups and compares it with the experiences of other federal states.

  • Evaluation of the Thuringian Seniors’ Participation Act

    nexus uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate the Thuringian Seniors' Participation Act and makes recommendations for its amendment.

  • Democracy labs

    nexus supports the Open Knowledge Foundation in the further development of its workshop format "Democracy Labs" for young people through an accompanying analysis.

  • Scientific monitoring with the focus on “Local cultures of youth participation in rural areas”.

    nexus provides scientific support for projects of the German Children and Youth Foundation.

  • Foresight of Evolving Security Threats Posed by Emerging Technologies (FESTOS)

    nexus organises scenario workshops that enable the possible dangers of future technologies and targeted prevention.

  • Evaluation „Youthpart“

    nexus evaluates the impact of online-supported youth participation projects in municipalities.

  • Somecat

    nexus explores how social media can strengthen migrants' connections to their countries of origin while opening up educational opportunities.

  • Innovative business models for security in energy distribution networks

    nexus supports the creation of cooperative structures of small network operators to minimise the threats to critical infrastructure.

  • Flash-Poll-Tool

    nexus analyses the need and develops user scenarios for a smartphone app that can be used to carry out spatial short surveys ("flash-polls") on urban development.

  • Piazza

    nexus develops guidelines and a business model for a smart city platform on which citizens, authorities and service providers communicate.

  • CivicBudget – Platform for participatory budgeting

    As part of a consortium, nexus is analysing the user needs and market opportunities for a Europe-wide information platform for the realisation of participatory budgeting.

  • Digital society: smart and secure

    nexus is developing a "Charter for the Secure Information Society" for the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in exchange with relevant stakeholders.

  • World Wide Views on Climate and Energy

    nexus is organizing the German events as part of a global civil dialogue on climate change.

  • Citizens’ Forum on Space for Europe

    nexus is organizing a citizens' forum on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) as part of a dialogue involving 22 member states.

  • Citizens’ Council on the search for a site for the Freedom and Unity Monument in Leipzig

    nexus is conducting a Citizens’ Assembly with 40 randomly selected citizens on behalf of the Foundation Peaceful Revolution Leipzig.


    nexus supports HafenCity University Hamburg in the development of a new Structure and Development Plan (STEP).

  • Consultation of the citizens’ dialogue within the framework of the government strategy of the Federal Government

    nexus is developing a concept for the implementation of a broad citizens' dialogue on the topic "Living well in Germany - what is important to us" on behalf of the Federal Chancellery.

  • SecurePART

    nexus is developing ways to improve the participation of civil society organisations in EU security research on behalf of the EU.

  • LowExTra: Low-exergy train paths for storing and distributing heat

    nexus coordinates citizen and expert participation in the development of an innovative district heating system and manages public relations.

  • Citizen participation Karow – development and implementation of a participation concept as an accompaniment to framework planning

    nexus is developing and implementing a participation concept to accompany the framework planning for the Karow district in Berlin-Pankow.

  • Literature study: “Acceleration and deceleration effects of participation formats on energy transition infrastructure projects” for the Science Platform Climate Protection

    nexus was commissioned with the study by the Science Platform for Climate Protection, which supports the German government in implementing climate protection measures.

  • Focus groups on the further development of the Confederation’s policy for equal living conditions

    nexus investigates living conditions in different regions of Germany for the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community.

  • The promotion of noise-conscious behaviour

    nexus is coordinating the overall study on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency and is conducting a citizens' dialogue.

  • Communication and participation formats for the Dresden Transport Authority (DVB)

    nexus designs and accompanies various communication and participation formats and processes in the context of the planning for the further development of public transport in Dresden.

  • Dialogue Forum Private Households – Reducing Food Waste

    nexus evaluates the project "Dialogue Forum Private Households - Reducing Food Waste" on behalf of the TU.

  • Strengthening, scaling and networking civil society sustainability initiatives on the way to sustainable politics

    In this research project, nexus identifies the social and political hurdles that impede the activities of sustainability initiatives and, together with initiatives, develops recommendations for politics and administration that can strengthen the transformation potential of the initiatives.

  • Strengthening youth participation in the policy advice of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)

    nexus is developing a concept and a handout on behalf of the BMEL.

  • Participation for the redesign of the Preußenpark in Berlin

    nexus is conducting a public information event, focus group discussions and online participation on behalf of the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district authority of Berlin.

  • Citizens’ Forum “Crisis-proof Society” Baden-Württemberg

    nexus organises and moderates the events, accompanies the participants and secures the results on behalf of the Landtag Baden-Württemberg.

  • Climate Assembly Neumünster

    nexus conceives, organises and moderates the citizens' assembly on behalf of the City of Neumünster.

  • Mobility2Grid research campus: Efficient and networked systems for the climate-neutral city

    nexus designs and implements innovative participation processes in the various areas of the M2G research campus and analyses the role of participation in transfer processes.

  • Carnival of Cultures Berlin: Dialogue process for the development of a mission statement

    nexus organises participation events on behalf of Karneval der Kulturen e.V.

  • Citizens’ workshops “5G and health”: risk perception of the population and possibilities of dialogue-oriented science communication

    nexus conceives and organises four citizens' workshops and one citizens' ambassador workshop on behalf of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS).

  • Focus groups Wittenberge

    nexus conducts focus groups on behalf of acatech (German Academy of Science and Engineering) and the Wittenberge town administration.

  • Process support for the creation of guidelines for citizen participation in the city of Braunschweig

    nexus designs and moderates the process in cooperation with the local partner DenkRaum Braunschweig gUG.

  • KIDD – Artificial Intelligence in the Service of Diversity

    nexus develops with industry partners a participation-oriented process and quality criteria for the transparent and bias-free implementation of AI.

  • BeNaMo – supportive research on sustainable forms of mobility

    nexus, together with Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung, is accompanying the projects funded by the BMBF’s (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung) research agenda “Sustainable Urban Mobility”.

  • Rule-making process in the context of public participation in Bielefeld

    nexus accompanies the city of Bielefeld in the participatory development of the rules and regulations for public participation.

  • Focus groups “Crisis-resistant society Baden-Württemberg”

    nexus conducts focus groups with parents on behalf of the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg.

  • Study on female participation in the Nationwide Computer Science Competitions (Bundesweite Informatikwettbewerbe)

    nexus is conducting a study on behalf of the German National Computer Science Competitions (BWINF) on female participation in computer science competitions, which decreases with increasing age and in higher competition rounds.

  • National Citizens‘ Assembly Nutrition in Transition on behalf of the German Bundestag

    nexus is conducting a national citizens' assembly on nutrition together with a number of project partners.

  • Qualitative evaluation of the programme component “Child and Youth Participation in the Future Package

    nexus is conducting a qualitative evaluation of child and youth participation projects, funded by the “Future Programme for Physical Activity, Culture and Health”, on behalf of the German Children and Youth Foundation (DKJS).

  • Interreg DREAM_PACE – Demand Responsive Transport in Central Europe

    nexus is conducting studies in the Baden-Württemberg area to strengthen the local on-demand transport structure.

  • IMPACTS – Inclusive Mobility: Public and Collaborative Trusted Spaces

    nexus accompanies the project and discusses the idea and findings in public through participatory formats.

  • Environmental Policy Dialogue

    In a dialogue process with citizens, nexus develops and tests innovative and target group-oriented address formats for people who tend to be sceptical about environmental policy.

  • Reactivation of railway lines in border regions

    nexus investigates the reactivation and development potentials in cross-border regional rail passenger transport between Germany and its neighbouring countries.

  • Future Forum Göttingen “The road is there for everyone – How can main roads be redesigned in a sensible way?”

    nexus is conducting a future forum on the redesign of main roads on behalf of the City of Göttingen, using Weender Landstraße as an example.

  • Citizens’ Advisory Council on Berlin-Tourism

    On behalf of SenWiEnBe and visitBerlin, nexus accompanies the Citizens' Coucil Berlin-Tourismus as its office.

  • Future Assembly Eberswalde

    Together with complan Kommunalberatung, nexus has been commissioned with the conception, implementation and monitoring of the Future Assembly of the City of Eberswalde, which is being carried out as part of the state initiative "My City of the Future".

  • Selection of citizens as members in the National Citizens’ Oversight Committee

    nexus is commissioned with the implementation of the selection process; designs, moderates and documents the events of the citizens' forum and the two election committees.

  • Gendered Innovations: Gender Diversity in the Research Process

    nexus is developing a short-term training program with the Entain Foundation and the University of Excellence TU Berlin to promote diversity in the research and development processes.

  • ExWoSt study: Multifunctional inner city development and participatory culture

    nexus is preparing the study "Multifunctional inner city development and participatory culture" on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Building and the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development at the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBSR).

  • DIGITAL SCRUBS – Social implications and effects of context-sensitive, neuroergonomic human-machine interactions on team dynamics in networked operating rooms

    nexus is researching, developing and evaluating an interpersonal and multimodal attention assistance system for context-sensitive, neuroergonomic human-machine interaction in networked operating theatres for the first time.

  • Possibilities and limits of digital participation instruments for public participation in the site selection process (DigiBeST)

    nexus evaluates and develops concepts and approaches for the digital public participation of young people in the search for a repository for radioactive radioactive waste.

  • Evaluation of the Citizens’ Assembly Forum Corona Saxony

    nexus conducts an accompanying, formative and summative evaluation on behalf of the Saxon State Ministry of Justice.

  • Online Dialogue on the Future of the Airport Region for the Dialogue Forum BER

    nexus conducts an online dialogue on the future of the Berlin-Brandenburg airport region on behalf of the Dialogforum BER.

  • Elbchaussee participation lottery

    In order to secure the drinking water supply, the main pipeline in the Elbchaussee in Hamburg must be rehabilitated. At the same time, the road space will be made safer […]

  • Einrichtung eines Nutzungsmonitorings am Großen Müggelsee

    nexus führt ein Monitoring der Nutzungen am Großen Müggelsee durch. Die Erhebungen umfassen die quantitative Erfassung (inkl. Regelverstöße) des Nutzungsverhaltens sowie Schallpegelmessungen.

  • Participation process for the further development of the Black Forest National Park

    Together with polidia GmbH, nexus is carrying out an accompanying public participation process for the further development of the park on behalf of the Black Forest National Park.

  • City committee ‘Digital Berlin’ – Support in the smart city model project: A smart Berlin worth living

    nexus supports on behalf of the Technology Foundation Berlin in the Smart City model project "Berlin lebenswert smart" in the implementation of the city panel Digital Berlin.

  • Participatory Project Evaluation Health Promotion in the Living Environment of Residential Facilities and Workshops for People with Disabilities

    nexus evaluates the project "Making health simple. Designing health promotion in workshops and residential facilities".

  • Participation process and public relations work for the further development of the Berlin Energy and Climate Protection Programme

    On behalf of the Senate Department for the Environment, Mobility, Consumer and Climate Protection, nexus, together with the planning community, is conducting a series of workshops with the specialist public and specialist departments, two specialist forums and two public online participations.

  • Citizens’ Council for Research

    On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, nexus is conducting the Citizens' Council for Research with ifok GmbH, the first German Citizens' Council to be launched by a federal ministry.

  • Citizens’ Advisory Assembly on Health in the District of Dachau

    nexus accompanies and moderates the pilot project Citizens' Advisory Assembly Health of the Health Region+ in the district of Dachau.

  • Expert opinion “PartiCipate”

    nexus supports the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in the further development of a digital advisory platform for participation strategies.

  • Planning cells “Health Care of the Future”

    nexus conducts eight planning cells in four different cities in Germany (Bremen, Cottbus, Dortmund, Mannheim) on behalf of Gesundheit aktiv e.V.

  • Future Council “School of Tomorrow”

    Together with ifok GmbH, nexus conducts the nationwide Future School Council for the #wirfürschule initiative.

  • Citizens Assembly Climate 2021

    nexus conducts the third Citizen’s Assembly in collaboration with ifok GmbH and the Institute for Participatory Design, this time on the topic of climate.

  • Online-Beteiligung zum „Strategischen Gesamtrahmen Hauptstadtregion Berlin-Brandenburg“

    nexus führt für die Länder Brandenburg und Berlin über die Beteiligungsplattform meinBerlin zwei Online-Dialoge zum „Strategischen Gesamtrahmen Hauptstadtregion Berlin-Brandenburg“ durch.

  • Communication and participation concept for the municipal working group Dialogue Forum Berlin-Brandenburg

    nexus develops a strategic communication and participation concept for the Dialogue Forum Airport Berlin Brandenburg to strengthen the inter-communal dialogue in the airport region.

  • Moderation of the implementation process of the guidelines for citizen participation in the departments of the district office Reinickendorf

    nexus and the Planergemeinschaft für Stadt und Raum eG accompany two events and develop a goals paper.

  • Moderation and process design for the implementation process of the guidelines for citizen participation in the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

    nexus conducts two workshops with Planergemeinschaft für Stadt und Raum eG and develops a process design and a graphic on district participation structures.

  • Promoting active citizenship through democracy education and active online participation of youth role models (ACTIon)

    nexus coordinates the European partnership within the EU education program Erasmus+ .

  • Working Time Self-Determination in Digital Knowledge Work (DiWA)

    nexus is conducting a study on new forms of working time self-determination in digitalised project worlds.

  • Citizens’ Assembly Germany’s role in the world

    nexus is conducting the second Citizens' Council with ifok GmbH and the Institute for Participatory Design, this time on the topic of Germany's role in the world.

  • Skeptics of mobility transition

    nexus empirically identifies obstacles and possible solutions for a society-wide implementation of the mobility transition.

  • Dialog for Cyber Security

    nexus plans and organises the (civil) social dialogue with the Federal Office for Information Security.

  • External evaluation of the conference Subfields

    nexus evaluates public participation for the search for a repository within the framework of the specialist conference on sub-areas on behalf of the Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Disposal (BASE).

  • Qualitative study on communication culture in the German Wikipedia

    nexus investigates the communication culture in the German-language Wikipedia by means of narrative interviews.

  • Active evaluation of the program “Green Up Your Future 2”

    nexus is evaluating 27 experience-oriented bionics workcamps with young people on the topic of green jobs.

  • Scientific evaluation of the transfer and development project STUDIUM HOCH E

    nexus evaluates the transferability of a project on integration by involving students with a history of migration and international students.

  • Planungszelle und Bürgergutachten zum Thema CO2-Bepreisung

    nexus führt im Auftrag der Technischen Universität Berlin Planungszellen im Rahmen des Forschungsprojekts „WindNODE – Das Schaufenster für intelligente Energie aus dem Nordosten Deutschlands“ durch.

  • Planning cells “Moving and breathing Bocholt

    nexus is carrying out planning cells on behalf of the University of Wuppertal, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, Institute for Democracy and Participation Research (IDPF).

  • Scientific research accompanying the “International Young Farmers’ Exchange Program” (IYFEP)

    nexus evaluates the three-month exchange program of the Schorlem Foundation for German and Ugandan young farmers.

  • Dialog events on structural change in the Central German Region of Saxony-Anhalt

    nexus accompanies and moderates five citizen dialogues with the state government and five expert workshops on the lignite phase-out.

  • Social-ecological transformation in Morocco and Africa

    nexus is drafting a memorandum for a participatory, sustainable and fair ecological transformation in Africa as part of the transformAfrica programme, launched by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

  • External monitoring of the dialogue “Pflege 2030”

    nexus is evaluating 27 experience-oriented bionics workcamps with young people on the topic of green jobs.

  • Online participation and focus groups on the results of the Enquete Commission on Artificial Intelligence

    Together with Liquid Democracy e.V., nexus is developing a balanced concept for participation elements that complement the results of the Enquete Commission.

  • Citizens’ dialogue on the future of the Internet

    As a representative of Germany, nexus supports the global citizen dialogue on the future of the Internet.

  • “Youth hacks labs” – Accompanying evaluation of the pilot phase

    nexus is evaluating two pilot labs in the test phase of the "Jugend hackt Labs" project.

  • Innovation cluster for crafts sector in North Rhine-Westphalia

    nexus evaluates a measure to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises in the craft sector to deal with digitisation, innovation and demographic change.

  • International civil dialogue on autonomous driving

    nexus has partnered up with Missions Publiques, a French participation institute, to organise citizen dialogue events in several German cities.

  • Communication concept in the development of guidelines for the participation of citizens in urban development

    nexus is developing a communication concept on behalf of the Berlin Senate to make the development of guidelines for citizen participation visible and to involve as many citizens as possible.

  • Concept on climate adaptation for the district Ostallgäu and the independent city Kaufbeuren

    nexus is responsible for stakeholder participation in the development of a regional concept for dealing with climate change.

  • Communication concept dialogue care 2030

    nexus develops and organises a large kick-off event within the framework of the project and develops a “toolbox for dialogues” that enables diverse formats for very different target groups.

  • Scientific monitoring of the project “Hüben wie drüben?!”

    nexus evaluates the project “Hüben wie drüben?!”, which is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation, as a scientific accompanying research project.

  • Participatory evaluation – movement and promotion of movement

    The participatory evaluation movement and promotion of movement is intended to evaluate eight model projects, selected by Bundesministerium für Gesundheit, that promote physical activity.

  • Participation Assembly Potsdam

    nexus moderates the participation council of the state capital Potsdam, which is committed to the further development and implementation of the culture of participation in Potsdam.

  • KOMOBIL2035: Coordination of full-time job responsibility and voluntary engagement in rural areas using the example of the co-production of mobility services

    nexus conducts qualitative accompanying research to investigate how the coordination of main and voluntary work in rural areas can be improved using the co-production of mobility services as an example.

  • HubIT – The HUB for boosting the Responsibility and inclusiveness of ICT enabled Research and Innovation through constructive interactions with SSH research

    nexus is responsible for cooperation management within the framework of the large joint project funded by the EU Horizon 2020.

  • Distribut-e: Green neighbourhood supply chains for the city of tomorrow

    nexus coordinates an online participation tool and accompanies urban labs and pilot applications for environmentally friendly delivery routes, especially for cargo bikes in Berlin's inner city.

  • Digital youth participation made easy (DIGY)

    nexus coordinates the development of an online learning area for digital youth participation in the Erasmus+ project "Digital youth participation made easy", which is provided on the participation platform OPIN.

  • Digital Commune – Digital Region: Socio-Cultural Impacts through Digitization and Artificial Intelligence

    The project puts the cultural, social and participatory challenges of digitalisation and artificial intelligence (AI) for municipalities in the spotlight. It has set itself the goal of researching the socio-cultural […]

  • Model project for the inclusion of families as a target group in measures to prevent overweight in children and adolescents

    nexus conducts the accompanying evaluation in cooperation with the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin (Chair of Child Health) and the Technical University Berlin (Chair of Sustainable Nutrition).

  • Development of an Engagement Strategy for Berlin

    nexus is organising a participatory process on behalf of the Berlin Senate Chancellery to develop a new engagement strategy for the state of Berlin.

  • Dialogue care 2030 – Kick-off event and “toolbox for dialogues”

    nexus develops and organises a large kick-off event within the framework of the project and develops a “toolbox for dialogues” that enables diverse formats for very different target groups.

  • Air passenger rights

    nexus investigates how customer-friendly airlines provide information on flight status and passenger rights online and via telephone.

  • DoNotFear – A mobile application to increase perceived safety on local public transport

    nexus uses participatory methods to involve users in the development of a mobile application for public transport.

  • Participation in a new tram line construction project in Berlin

    nexus conducts participation events with stakeholders and citizens on six tram routes at different stages of planning.

  • ECOISM – energy communities on Greek islands

    nexus contributes to the building of energy communities on Greek islands by developing a methodological manual for citizen participation.

  • Giving young people a voice – digital platform for youth participation developed (EUth)

    nexus is coordinating a Europe-wide consortium to develop a platform for political youth participation in Europe within the framework of EU research funding.

  • “Our climate! Our future! Youth dialogue on climate policy

    nexus is organising a youth dialogue in parallel to the 23rd World Climate Conference (COP23), which will present its results at the World Climate Conference.

  • Green and sustainable logistics of the future – developing a roadmap in South Africa

    Using logistics as an example, nexus is developing an indicator system that will enable German companies to better assess the prospects of exporting environmentally friendly technologies.

  • Guidelines for Citizen Participation in the Urban Development Processes

    On behalf of Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnen, nexus structures and moderates the development of guidelines for citizen participation.

  • “Dörpsmobil” – E-Carsharing for better mobility in rural areas

    nexus is developing a concept for the realisation of an electric car sharing service in rural areas.