The Munich region is an extremely dynamic region. In the planning cells, guidelines are to be developed on how the growth of the economy and population is to be shaped. Quality of life, housing, settlement development, transport, green areas, economy, education – in these topics (and others), dynamic development must be shaped in concrete terms. In the planning cells, 100 citizens randomly selected from the population registers from the state capital of Munich and the neighbouring 8 districts were given the opportunity to exchange their experiences and opinions on these topics and to develop recommendations for regional development that can guide regional planning. The Regional Planning Association of Munich (RPV), which is responsible for supra-local planning, commissioned the process with the aim of maintaining and strengthening economic power and quality of life in regional development. The recommendations of the citizens will now also be taken into account.

Duration: 09/2016 – 05/2017
Client: Regionaler Planungsverband München
Team: Dr. Christine von Blanckenburg (Project management), Nicolas Bach, Dr. Birgit Böhm, Ansgar Düben, Dr. Raban Fuhrmann, Manuela Weber, Uta Zetek

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