As the body responsible for public participation, BASE informs citizens comprehensively about the search for a final repository for radioactive waste and offers various participation formats. The aim of this research project is to evaluate and develop viable concepts and ways of digital public participation for young people in order to achieve broad acceptance for the site selection procedure and ultimately for the decision among the young generation. For this purpose, completed and ongoing digital participation processes that concerted on the involvement of young people will be analysed and the specific challenges of digital participation will be elaborated.

New and also established digital participation methods are to be called into question with regard to achieving the goals and the possibilities and limits of digital participation opportunities (e.g. Target group performance, representativeness, social and data law.

Duration: 02/2022 – 12/2023
Client: Bundesamt für die Sicherheit der nuklearen Entsorgung
Team: Kerstin Franzl (Projektleitung), Claudia Haas, Anna Süß
Project partner: Düsseldorfer Institut für Internet und Demokratie (DIID), Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

Photo: Hannah Busing / Unsplash