Project economy and project management are becoming an increasing challenge for the economy and sectors of society. In this context, knowledge actors have a growing influence and increasing design options within the framework of their project work. They are less bound by instructions and work in a largely self-organised way. The project economy shifts the value orientations of work from salary and career orientation to interesting activity and autonomy in the design of work, in which the variety of demands can be shaped in a self-organised way. The project examines factors influencing knowledge work, working time and target agreements in projects. For this purpose, project employees will be questioned in an online survey on the sovereign organisation of their working time (working time sovereignty). The aim is to determine to what extent and in what form working time sovereignty is already widespread and how this is concretely represented for project employees, their projects and organisations. The results of the research project should enable solutions for developments that allow the balance of working time with benefits for work and business success as well as privacy.

Peters, Sibylle; Jörg von Garrel; Ansgar Düben; Hans-Liudger Dienel: Arbeit – Zeit – Souveränität. An empirical study on self-determined project work. In: Weiterbildung – Personalentwicklung – Organisationales Lernen, Band 12. Rainer Hampp Verlag, München und Mering, 2. Aufl. 2016, 107 Seiten. ISBN 978-3-95710-076-4 (print); ISBN 978-3-95710-176-1 (e-book pdf).

Duration: 09/2014 – 09/2015
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e. V.
Team: Ansgar Düben
Project partner: TU Berlin, SRH Riedlingen