On behalf of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), nexus is designing a 6-month test phase in which residents of a small town and a medium-sized town in central Germany will test mobility services as an alternative to their own car in their everyday lives.

Participants will cover certain everyday routes without using their own car and instead will make use of existing shared mobility services. They will digitally document which everyday journeys they fulfill without their own car and how. The nexus Institute will support the process and advise participants on alternative mobility options. The experiences from the test phase will be mapped and discussed in accompanying dialog events. From the everyday experiences of the participants, challenges and conditions for a successful switch to alternative mobility options will be elaborated in a collaborative process and specific conditions and requirements for small and medium-sized towns will be identified. The results will be summarized into impulses for future infrastructure planning in rural areas. This information is of crucial importance for the future design of public spaces to foster sustainable mobility.

Duration: 02/2024 – 11/2026
Client: Umweltbundesamt (UBA)
Team: Sabine Schröder (Project manager), Nele Buchholz, Max Raucamp

Photo: Robert Kneschke – stock.adobe.com