The development of the Berlin Engagement Strategy was approved by the Berlin House of Representatives on 4 April 2019. The final draft will be submitted to the Berlin House of Representatives by summer 2020. The aim of this strategy is to strengthen the foundation for the myriad volunteer opportunities available to Berlin’s diverse citizens, to enable broad involvement in citizen engagement and participation, and to ultimately shape a vibrant society based on solidarity.

nexus is designing the participatory process for the development of this strategy on behalf of the Senate Chancellery. On 22 October 2019, nexus held a participatory kick-off event with around 160 participants in the Red City Hall.

The four main topics of the Berlin Engagement Strategy will be discussed at length in four thematic forums. To this end, approximately three-and-a-half hour workshops with different moderation methods will be designed and conducted for approximately 50 people each.
The topics are:

  • Access to engagement and participation / New target groups
  • – Infrastructure for engagement and participation
  • Developing a culture of recognition and public awareness
  • Digital transformation

Furthermore, nexus will support the accompanying committee with around 25 representatives from civil society, economy, science, committed citizens as well as politics and administration in ca. five three-hour, topic-specific sessions following the thematic forums. In addition, there will be the possibility for online participation.

Further information can be found here.