The municipality of Planegg wants to update its land use plan. This measure is based on a comprehensive local development and model process. The goal of the municipality, which has a population of around 10,000, is comprehensive citizen participation. The municipality, which is located in the south-west of Munich in the Würmtal valley, commissioned the nexus Institute from Berlin and the Gesellschaft für Bürgergutachten (gfb) from Munich to conduct a participation process in July 2015 using the method of “citizen appraisals through planning cells”. In the planning cells, 50 citizens will work on important topics for four days. These include the development of the village with possible inner densification, but also commercial areas and public space. The citizens’ experts will be selected in a random procedure. This means that all residents of Planegg have an equal chance to participate. The aim is also to get as many people as possible involved. Prior to the citizen participation process, which will take place in July 2015, the civil society of the village will be invited to a round table. The target group is citizens who are particularly involved in clubs, associations, churches and initiatives. The results will be included in the preparation of the planning cells. The recommendations from the planning cells will be evaluated by the neutral implementing agencies nexus and gfb and summarised in a citizens’ report that will be handed over to the municipal council after the summer holidays.

Duration: 03/2015 – 09/2015
Client: Gemeinde Planegg
Team: Dr. Christine von Blanckenburg, Ansgar Düben
Cooperation partner: Gesellschaft für Bürgergutachten

Download Citizens’ Panel