In order to push the new mobilities paradigm toward more sustainable ways of movement, it is necessary to switch from individual mobility to public transportation. Even though public transport is statistically safe, increased gender transgressions, limited reporting mechanisms, and global challenges such as Covid-19 create a reduced perception of safety and distrust. This perception must be overcome to increase people’s use of public transit and reduce traffic and emissions. IMPACTS – which is short for: “Inclusive Mobility: Public and Collaborative Trusted Spaces” – starts at this point. The project envisions a human-centered public transport where passengers feel safe, support their fellow passengers, and contribute to innovative public transport with their feedback. The focus lies on the development, implementation, testing, and commercialization of an app-based solution that:

  • Connects passengers in ad-hoc communities where people support each other to build trusted spaces.
  • Enables passengers to report issues to support further development and analysis.
  • Enables Cities and transport providers to gain insights into real-time passenger perceptions, use new feedback channels, and improve the attractiveness of public transport.

Pilot projects in a megacity (Istanbul) and a suburb (Dugopolje), as well as the identification of commercialization opportunities, will demonstrate the scaling potential. On February 6, 2023, the project funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), started its work with a successful kick-off meeting in Athens. The project consortium consists of 7 members from Germany, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, and Belgium.

further information:

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Duration: 01/2023 – 12/2023
Grant authority: EIT Mobility
Team: Martin Schlecht (Projektleitung), Wiebke Blum, Sandrine Steinhoff
Project partner: ISBAK Istanbul, CERTH Hellas, TU Berlin, Kommune Dugopolje, Wizgo UG

Logo: nexus Institut