The district of Nordsachsen is a rural district with a current population of almost 200,000 people living in 30 municipalities. In the municipality of Arzberg, which belongs to the district, there are plans to supplement the existing public transport services with a citizens’ bus. The municipality of Arzberg consists of 18 districts on about 60 square kilometres with almost 2,000 inhabitants. The connection to the supra-local public transport network is good. A citizens’ bus could primarily improve mobility between the individual small districts of Arzberg, but at the same time also facilitate journeys in the triangle formed by Arzberg, Torgau and Beilrode. A citizens’ bus always requires a moderated and accompanied process. The district of Nordsachsen has now commissioned the nexus Institute for this task. The goal is to launch the citizens’ bus in the first half of 2017. Another goal of the joint work in the Arzberg citizens’ bus project is to integrate the new citizens’ bus into the overall public transport system in such a way that as many people as possible have an additional benefit while the existing service remains secure. This goal is achieved through close cooperation with planners and consultants from the nexus Institute, the district of Nordsachsen and the municipality of Arzberg.

Duration: 10/2016 – 04/2017
Client: Landkreis Nordsachsen, Straßenverkehrsamt
Team: Dr. Holger Jansen (Project management), Ralph Hintz
Project partner: toolboxx-media, Magdeburg

The website for the project is