The study focuses on the question of the extent to which citizen participation inhibits or accelerates the implementation of energy transition measures and which causes can be identified for this. The analysis will focus on participation formats that can be placed in the middle or higher range of the “participation ladder”, i.e. not purely informational events, but formats that offer space for co-design – possibly also in an innovative form. Likewise, it is not about the legally defined procedures of formal participation within the framework of urban land-use planning and building projects. Rather, the aim is to examine those procedures that enable deliberation and participation and thus also make democracy tangible, strengthen the self-efficacy convictions of those involved and contribute to greater legitimacy or even a consensus throughout society. As a result, empirically verifiable facts on the actual impact and significance of innovative citizen participation on the implementation of climate protection measures in energy policy will be elaborated and recommendations for policy-making will be developed. nexus was commissioned with the study by the Science Platform for Climate Protection, which supports the German government in the implementation of climate protection measures. Duration: 11/2022 – 02/2023
Wissenschaftsplattform Klimaschutz
Prof. Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel (Project manager), Uta Zetek (Deputy project manager), Nele Buchholz Graphic: Fand –