Following the development of the implementation concept for the Guidelines for Citizen Participation in Urban Development (LLBB), which was carried out with the participation of the Senate administrations and districts of the State of Berlin, the principles and instruments described in the LLBB are also to be implemented in the districts. The implementation concept provides recommendations for this.

The district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg has been involving citizens in its processes and projects for many years and now wants to implement the LLBB and its instruments. To this end, an initial process is initiated within the administration to clarify and implement processes, procedures and responsibilities. A multidisciplinary working group has been established. Civil society is also to be involved in the further process.

nexus and Planergemeinschaft für Stadt und Raum eG were commissioned with the preparation, implementation, moderation and documentation of two internal events with workshop character for the implementation of the guidelines, the graphic representation of district participation structures and the drafting of a design for the further process.

Duration: 11/2020-02/2021
Client: Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg von Berlin, Bezirksstadtrat Florian Schmidt Abteilung für Bauen, Planen und Facility Management
Team: Dr. Birgit Böhm (Projektleitung) Nicolas Bach
Project partner: Planergemeinschaft für Stadt und Raum eG