In the spring of 2022, the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg established an Enquete Commission on “Crisis-resistant society”, which aims to make Baden-Württemberg’s community more crisis-proof for the future. In parallel, nexus held a citizens’ forum on the same topic, through which citizens developed recommendations for policymakers. It became clear that the perspectives of single parents, parents of large families, and parents of children with disabilities should be given even greater attention, as these groups have been particularly impacted by past crises.

To this end, nexus is organizing and moderating a total of four digital focus groups, each with 5-8 parents and young people from the affected target groups. The participants will describe their experiences of past crises and jointly discuss approaches on how future crises can be better managed. nexus will evaluate the focus groups and document the results so that they can be incorporated into the work of the Enquete Commission.

Duration: 04/2023–05/2023
Client: Landtag von Baden-Württemberg
Mitarbeitende: Gordian Haas (Project Management), Owen Wooden