In the spring of 2022, the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg decided to set up a commission of enquiry on the topic of a “crisis-proof society”. The commission is to develop recommendations for action aimed at increasing the resilience and crisis resistance of the community in Baden-Württemberg. The Citizens’ Forum “Crisis-proof Society” accompanies the work of the Commission of Inquiry. In the course of six events, the participants of the Citizens’ Forum will discuss together how the state and society can better prepare for possible future crises. At the end of the session of the Citizens’ Forum, concrete demands will be formulated for politicians and handed over to the members of the Commission of Inquiry. The participants of the citizens’ forum will deal with the following topics

  • Health care
  • State crisis prevention (early detection and combating of crises with the involvement of science and civil society)
  • Protecting vulnerable groups and strengthening social cohesion
  • Strengthening the resilience of the economy and using its potential for crisis prevention and crisis management

Approximately 50 people from Baden-Württemberg are taking part in the citizens’ forum. In order to achieve the highest possible degree of diversity in the panel, 32 municipalities of different sizes were initially drawn by lot from the administrative districts. From these municipalities, 3,500 residents were randomly selected and invited to participate in the citizens’ forum. The final selection of the 50 members of the citizens’ forum was made on the basis of the positive feedback received. In order to ensure that the participants roughly corresponded to the actual composition of society in Baden-Württemberg, the characteristics gender, age, educational attainment, migration background and average household income were taken into account. The citizens’ forum “Crisis-proof Society” will meet in face-to-face and online sessions between October 2022 and January 2023. The nexus Institute is shaping this process, organising and moderating the events, accompanying the participants and securing the results.

Duration: 09/2022 – 04/2023
Client: Landtag Baden-Württemberg
Team: Christine von Blanckenburg (Project manager), Wiebke Blum, Dr. Claudia Bosch, PD Dr. Gordian Haas, Amy Winkler, Timon Rüdisser, Felix Schürhoff, Owen Wooden, Sara Diekmannshenke

Photo: Landtag Baden-Württemberg