As Berlin is subject to constant dynamic change, the Urban Development Plan (StEP) Transport, which was originally adopted in 2011, is being readjusted within the framework of a second update. In the future, greater reference will be made to the changing conditions of population growth, economic and tourism development, technical innovations, changing land requirements and housing market development, as well as environmental targets. nexus is taking on part of the public participation in the update in the form of focus groups. Their aim is to show the Senate administration the variety of existing perspectives of the residents of urban and metropolitan Berlin and, based on this, to discuss a model for the transport of the future up to the year 2050. In the process, people with different starting points and mobility behaviour will be addressed, so that a good overview of the different mobility needs of Berliners and commuters from the surrounding areas is created. Furthermore, the aim is to filter out consensuses and controversies in the participants’ opinions on future urban transport and, in addition, to work out in the documentation any discrepancies between the participants’ views and the previous strategy of the StEP.

Duration: 10/2017 – 03/2018
Client: Senatsverwaltung für Umwelt, Verkehr und Klimaschutz
Team: Dr. Angela Jain (Project management), Nicolas Bach, Charlotte Hegel
Project partner: Urs Kohlbrenner