With the opening of the Airport Berlin Brandenburg (BER), the process of change in Brandenburg airport region south-east of Berlin will accelerate. This will result in new opportunities and challenges for the Municipal Working Group Dialogue Forum (KAG DF), which unites as its members municipalities, districts, and Berlin’s boroughs in the airport region as well as the airport company and the Berlin Airport Development Corporation.

To reposition itself for these changes and to develop an exemplary culture of participation, the nexus Institute has designed a concept for the further development and expansion of communication and participation of the dialogue forum between August 2020 and March 2021, not only to provide a solid basis for its future work but also to develop and implement participation formats that are adapted to specific goals and target groups.

The first participation format, an online dialogue on the future of the region, has taken place in September and October 2021. Its aim was to gather and fuse different perspectives on the development of the airport region into a common vision on the basis of the jointly developed “Common Structure Concept” (GSK) and the fields of action developed therein (housing, economy, transport and green/open space).

Duration: 08/2021 – 03/2022
Client: Kommunale Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dialogforum Berlin-Brandenburg
Team: Vanessa Kügler (Projektleitung), Sabine Schröder