What is digital knowledge work? What skills do digital knowledge workers* need today in order to benefit from self-determination over their working hours and working methods? Following on from the nexus institute’s previous study on working time sovereignty and a detailed analysis of the current literature, nexus is conducting a study for the German Association for Project Management as part of the DiWA project. The study describes on a descriptive level the current state of digital knowledge work and highlights essential content on issues of work and working time sovereignty. It takes a theoretical approach and finally defines the dimensions of digital knowledge work to which the observations of the study can be assigned. Furthermore, the project takes a look into the future and deals with attitudes towards digital knowledge work: Which aspects are positively evaluated? Which aspects of self-determined work lead to uncertainty and demotivation? The result is a set of recommendations for action and an assessment of what skills digital knowledge workers need for effective day-to-day management.

Duration: 12/2019 – 02/2021 Client: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement Team: Ansgar Düben (Project manager), Elisabeth Dienel Project partner: Hochschule Darmstadt, TU Berlin Picture: pexels.com