The project “Dialogue Forum Private Households” is intended to contribute to the implementation of the National Strategy to Reduce Food Waste.

The aim of the project to be evaluated is to significantly reduce the amount of avoidable food waste in private households in Germany and to promote sustainable nutrition practices through the work of the dialogue forum. The task of the evaluation and scientific monitoring is to examine the actual achievement of the objectives and the success of the project. In order to obtain as comprehensive a picture of the project as possible, a mix of quantitative and qualitative survey methods will be used. The entire evaluation project is participatory in order to develop needs-oriented survey instruments and feasible recommendations for action.

You can find more information about the project here.

Duration: 10/2021 – 06/2023
Client: Technische Universität Berlin – Institut für Berufliche Bildung und Arbeitslehre – Fachgebiet Bildung für Nachhaltige Ernährung und Lebensmittelwissenschaft
Team: Dr. Katja Aue (Projektleitung), Ansgar Düben, Karoline Pfeiffer

Picture: Elīna Arāja / Pexels