In the Munich district of Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, a new urban quarter for working, living and housing is to be built on the area around the listed parcel post hall. Initial ideas and concepts for the use and design of the 90,000 square metre quarter were presented to the public in July 2019 and have since been further developed. Individual elements of the planning are not without controversy and have led to a public discussion. The Citizens’ Opinion on the Parcel Post Area in Munich is intended to take up and further deepen these discussions. 100 randomly selected citizens from the entire city area will not only deal with the controversial construction of two high-rise buildings, but also intensively examine the various aspects of the planning and design of the area in order to subsequently formulate their own recommendations for the development of the city quarter. The nexus Institute was commissioned by the City of Munich to conceptualise, organise, conduct and evaluate four planning cells as well as the upstream kick-off event and round table to identify the topics. The citizens’ report, which summarises the results of the planning cells, will be handed over to the City of Munich.

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Duration: 06/2021 – 02/2022
Client: City of Munich, Department for Urban Planning and Building Regulations
Team: Christiane Dienel (Project management), Nicolas Bach (Deputy project management), Ina Metzner, Lola Vortmeyer
Design of the project homepage: Goldener Westen, Kreativagentur Berlin