“DREAM_PACE” stands for “Demand REsponsive trAnsport integrating regional Mobility networks for PAssengers in Central Europe”. In six regions in Europe, the Interreg project investigates possibilities to integrate and strengthen “Demand Responsive Transport” (DRT) in mobility systems. On-demand transport has the potential to connect rural and urban areas even better. Furthermore, this form of demand-responsive mobility offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to permanent transport. Since the offer is used on demand, it can be optimally adapted to the needs of the user groups and only pollutes the environment when it is necessary. This not only saves on land consumption, CO2 and noise emissions, but also ensures that an attractive alternative to motorised private transport is available when needed. As nexus Institut, we are investigating the DRT offer in Baden-Württemberg. In cooperation with the local public transport company Baden-Württemberg, we are researching the extent to which on-demand transport is already being used and what is needed to ensure that the existing offer is even better accepted.

The project partners from the test regions in Baden-Württemberg, Osttirol (AT), Pavia (IT), Bologna (IT), Split-Dalmatia (HR) and Budapest (HU) are in close contact with each other throughout the project. In this way, a network is formed in parallel in order to learn with and from each other and to jointly advance the transport transition towards more sustainable mobility.

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Duration: 03/2023 – 03/2026
Client: Interreg Central Europe
Team: Sabine Schröder (project manager), Hans-Liudger Dienel (scientific advice), Wiebke Blum
Project partners: SRM Networks and Mobility (IT), Redmint Social Enterprise (IT), AUTOGUIDOVIE SPA (IT), Mobilissimus Ltd. (HU), BKK Centre for Budapest Transport (HU), DYVOLVE d.o.o. (HR), Split-Dalmatia County (HR), AustriaTech – Federal Agency for Technological Measures Ltd. (AT), Regional Management East Tyrol (AT), TU Berlin (GE), Rupprecht Consult (GE)