A random selection of Berlin citizens develops recommendations for a practical implementation aid and guidance for the traffic turnaround in two planning cells nexus accompanies and moderates two planning cells for the interdisciplinary project “Experience the traffic turnaround”, which is carried out by the WZB Social Science Research Center Berlin, paper planes e.V. and the Technical University of Berlin and funded by the Mercator Foundation, for a citizens’ report in August 2021. The project is developing a “start-up package” for the transport turnaround in cities. It is intended as a practical implementation aid and guide for the transport turnaround for interested municipalities, initiatives and local citizens. The focus is on reality-based images that show what urban districts with fewer cars and plenty of space for people and non-motorised mobility could look like. The pictures should make people “want to change”. Those who find it difficult to imagine life with fewer cars will also be involved. The project involves local authorities, initiatives and citizens in the development right from the start.

Participation through planning cells for the citizens’ appraisal is the focus of the Technical University of Berlin, Department of Work/Technology and Participation, which carries out the planning cells together with the nexus Institute.

Duration: 04/2021 – 09/2021
Client: Technische Universität Berlin, Fachgebiet Arbeitslehre/Technik und Partizipation, Projekt „Verkehrswende erleben“
Team: Ansgar Düben, Antje Heera

Picture: Jonas Marx, Reindeer Renderings