The Enquete Commission of the German Bundestag on “Artificial Intelligence – Social Responsibility and Economic, Social and Ecological Potentials” deals with the question of how the various technological innovations negotiated under Artificial Intelligence (AI) affect social coexistence. In its reports, the Commission formulates recommendations for action and advises the Bundestag and the Federal Government.

Together with Liquid Democracy e.V., nexus is developing a balanced concept for participation elements that complement the results of the Enquete Commission: Online participation offers the interested public the opportunity to comment on the results of the Enquete Commission. Offline participation formats (focus groups) can be used to address additional target groups that are not involved in online participation, but whose perspectives are central to shaping the framework for artificial intelligence.

The participation aims to obtain the assessments of various target groups on the recommendations of the Enquete Commission, to identify blind spots, and to draw up an expert report based on the participation results, which will inform the Enquete Commission, the Bundestag and the Federal Government about how the interested public views AI. To this end, the available comprehensive results of the Enquete Commission will be prepared for the respective participation formats in a manner appropriate to the target group.

The results of online and offline participation will be presented at a symposium of the Enquete Commission and the public. The symposium provides the framework for an exchange between the participants and the Enquete Commission before a report on the results is made available to the Bundestag.

The collected recommendations and comments of the participants are thus fed into the political discussions in the Bundestag and can influence the design of artificial intelligence in Germany.

Duration: 11/2019 – 06/2020
Client: Deutscher Bundestag
Team: Sabine Schröder (Projektleitung), Max Westbrock
Project partner: Liquid Democracy e.V.