Volunteering has a long tradition in Thuringia. The nexus team will conduct a study to identify the special features of volunteering in Thuringia. To this end, the results of a secondary analysis of existing surveys and our own expert interviews will be placed in the current state of research on the voluntary sector in Germany. At present, there is a shift from voluntary work to civic engagement and from the long-term, binding assumption of “offices” to short-term, project-like cooperation. Demographic change is changing the conditions and environment of engagement in a way that requires strategic adaptation. The study aims to provide material for this and formulate starting points for further development of the promotion of volunteering in Thuringia.

Duration: 12/2010 – 02/2011
Client: Thüringer Ehrenamtsstiftung
Team: Prof. Dr. Christiane Dienel (Project management), Dr. Christine von Blanckenburg

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