“Jugend hackt” is a programme designed to promote young programmers in the German-speaking world. Under the motto: “Improve the world with code”, young people have the opportunity to work on digital tools, create prototypes, and develop their own ideological and social concepts together with the support of volunteer mentors. Since 2013, the Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V. and mediale pfade.org e.V. have been organising regular “Youth hacks” events. Supported by the Skala Foundation, “Youth hacks” labs are also set up permanently at fixed locations in rural areas. These labs are intended to give young people living outside of large cities and metropolitan areas access to the educational opportunities offered by the “Jugend hackt” project. In the current first implementation phase, the concept is being tested at two pilot labs developed by partner organisations – the Verstehbahnhof in Fürstenberg (Brandenburg) and the Verschwörhaus in Ulm (Baden-Württemberg).

nexus evaluates the project in the pilot phase both formatively and participatively, and is supporting it scientifically. The evaluation team collects primary data in the form of qualitative interviews with participants, mentors, and the project managers of partner organisations on site. The aim of this scientific evaluation is to analyse the effectiveness of the labs in assisting young people in rural areas who are enthusiastic about programming. The findings should help to increase the effectiveness of the current services offered during the three-year term of the entire “Youth hacks” labs programme, as well as to expand upon prospects for further developments. The effectiveness indicators, on which the study is based, as well as recommendations for actions, which will be derived from the results of the analysis, will be developed in participatory workshops together with the management of the “Youth hacks” project and the project managers of the partner organisations.

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Duration: 08/2019 – 12/2019
Client: Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V.
Team: Kerstin Franzl (project management), Dr. Carina Brumme

Picture: Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V. | mediale.pfade.org