In order to secure the drinking water supply, the main pipeline in the Elbchaussee in Hamburg must be rehabilitated. At the same time, the road space will be made safer and more comfortable: for a better coexistence of road users, an efficient infrastructure, improvements for cycling and sustainable mobility. The State Office for Roads, Bridges and Waterways (LSBG) is carrying out a multi-stage participation process – the “Elbchausee Dialogue” – in order to involve the citizens of Hamburg directly and indirectly affected by the rehabilitation in the planning process. Based on the random principle, citizens of Hamburg will be drawn by lot and invited to participate in planning workshops. The aim is to achieve more representativeness in the participation process. The random principle is to be applied for the first time in the context of the re-planning of the Hamburg Elbchaussee for the LSBG. The nexus Institute designs and conducts the random selection for two workshops with 40 citizens each as part of the “Elbchaussee Dialogue”.

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Duration: 06/2021 – 04/2022
Client: Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer (LSBG)
Team: Zora Ott (Project management), Ina Metzner