The challenges associated with digital change in the field of cybersecurity can only be mastered with an overall social approach. The goal of the project “Dialogue for Cyber Security” of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is therefore to design cyber security for, with and in the entire society. The nexus Institute, in cooperation with the independent think tank iRights.Lab, has been commissioned to design and implement the project.

The project is based on a dialog model developed by stakeholders from all social groups in the predecessor project “Institutionalization of Social Dialogue” (2018-2019). With the implementation of this multi-stakeholder and participation model, closed discourse groups are to be broken up, the permanent exchange between the social segments (media and culture, economy, science and administration) and especially with actors of the organized civil society is to be established and made visible.

The project consists of three core elements:

In the workstreams, actors from all social groups work on various topics related to cyber security. Themes, objectives and working methods can be chosen by the participants themselves, based on basic criteria. The work streams represent an open and flexible format and can be designed for a period of three to approximately nine months.

The annual forum “Denkwerkstatt sichere Informationsgesellschaft” (“Secure Information Society Think Tank”) serves to find topics and concepts for the workstreams and for the exchange among the participants.

A dialogue committee appointed by the project community is to accompany the entire process of the workstreams and the think tank, check and ensure that it is transparent and meets the expectations of the stakeholders.

Further information can be found here.

Duration: 10/2020 – 11/2023
Client: Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI)
Team: Dr. Daniel Guagnin (Project manager), Claudia Haas, Maria Jacob, Justine Kenzler
Client: iRights.Lab

Logo: iRights.Lab