More and more municipalities and cities have adopted guidelines for citizen participation in recent years. They form a reliable basis for the design and implementation of public participation activities and thus help both the administration and politicians as well as citizens to ensure transparent, inclusive and high-quality participation. The city of Bielefeld is also following this path with the set of rules for public participation that is to be developed. The nexus Institute is supporting the city of Bielefeld in the participatory development of the rules and regulations. The set of rules is intended to form the basis for good participation with clear, transparent scope for participation and decision-making. The aim is to make the interaction between politics, administration and citizens efficient and sustainable. The rules and regulations will be drafted by a working committee consisting of representatives from the administration and politics as well as randomly selected citizens. The draft will be presented to various groups in a total of six workshops, where they will be able to comment on it. In addition, there will be two public events in which all interested residents of Bielefeld can participate. At the end of the development process, the working committee will finalise the commented draft regulations.

Duration: 04/2023 – 06/2024
Client: Stadt Bielefeld
Team: Dr. Christine von Blanckenburg (project leader), Nicolas Bach, Antje Heera