The government of Berlin is seeking to respond to the demands of a growing city by expanding its tram system, which functions as a means of transportation that is both environmentally and economically friendly.

The early and continuous integration and participation of citizens in the planning and implementation of new tram construction projects is indispensible, as it is to the advantage of both the planners as well as the citizens themselves. Through participation, planners can integrate local knowledge, be made aware of possible concerns, and prevent possible conflicts at an early stage of the planning process.

Under the leadership of the Planergemeinschaft für Stadt und Raum eG, the nexus Institute will carry out participation events with stakeholders and citizens on six tram lines in different planning stages between 2018 and 2020.

Duration: 06/2018 – 12/2020
Client: Senatsverwaltung für Umwelt, Verkehr und Klimaschutz
Team: Dr. Angela Jain (Projektleitung), Nicolas Bach, Sabine Schröder
Project partner: Planergemeinschaft für Stadt und Raum

Picture: Tilgnerpictures / Pixabay