The National Monitoring Board in the final warehouse search (content client)/Environmental Agency (administrative client) has commissioned the nexus Institute to estimate the potential effects of a much longer time requirement in the search for repository on public participation, to develop scenarios for potential development paths and to formulate recommendations for action.

The report was prepared on the basis of a literature search, a research of the public discourse on the topic, 15 experts:internal interviews, two participating observations, two scenario workshops and an internal workshop.

The nexus Institute participated in two public events, where central findings and recommendations for action were presented to the client and other stakeholders. The report can be viewed publicly on the website of the National Monitoring Committee.

Duration: 04/2023 – 09/2023
Client: Umweltbundesamt
Team: Volkan Sayman (Projektleitung), Prof. Christiane Dienel, Dr. Daniel Guagnin