In the coming decades, the volume of freight transport will triple, which is associated with an extreme increase in CO2 emissions from this sector. An even stronger increase is expected in Asia, where a quadrupling of previous CO2 emissions is anticipated. This is where the project “Sustainable Urban Logistics” comes in and aims to counteract the negative impacts of goods transport on the cities of Southeast Asia, which have risen sharply in recent years, with sustainability strategies and environmentally friendly as well as socially adapted solutions. The focus is on three cities in the Philippines: Santa Rosa, Cebu City and General Santos. The application-oriented project is carried out by a consortium of research partners, civil society organisations and associated companies. The aim is to define sustainability goals for urban logistics together with relevant urban stakeholders. In and with the municipalities, roadmaps for the implementation of sustainability strategies in urban logistics are to be developed by raising awareness and advising politicians. Subsequently, the solutions developed are to be transferred or adapted to the participating partner cities.

Client: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
Duration: 11/2017 – 04/2018
Team: Dr. Angela Jain (Project management), Uta Zetek
Project partner: ICLEI