The city of Neumünster has decided to set up a climate assembly to take a further step towards climate protection together with the citizens. In two sessions, 30 randomly selected citizens will develop recommendations for climate protection in the city. The participants will discuss current issues in the fields of mobility and the use of land for renewable energies, in order to make recommendations for a more sustainable city.

The nexus Institute organises the citizens’ assembly. This includes the conception and management of the meetings, as well as the moderation of the discussions and the results. Furthermore, the institute supports the city in developing suitable questions to be discussed by the citizens’ assembly and to which the citizens’ assembly makes final recommendations.

Duration: 08/2022 – 03/2023
Client: Stadt Neumünster
Team: Sabine Schröder (Projektleitung), Wiebke Blum, Katharina Fender