Berlin is one of the greenest metropolises in Europe. Grün Berlin Gruppe plays a key role in shaping Berlin’s urban landscapes: from the Berlin Wall Memorial to the Kulturforum, from the Park am Gleisdreieck to the International Garden Exhibition Berlin 2017. The subject of the contract is the development of a concept for usage monitoring (visitor monitoring) with standardised criteria for Grün Berlin GmbH. The initial focus is on conceptual designs for the parks “Britzer Garten” and “Park am Gleisdreieck”. The concept will also serve as the basis for a step-by-step monitoring of all parks of Grün Berlin GmbH starting in 2017. As a result, a basic concept including a basic survey instrument (standardised questionnaire) will be presented to the client, which will serve as an instrument for determining customer satisfaction and for implementing comprehensive and regular usage monitoring. The concept takes into account, among other things, the formulated objectives of Grün Berlin GmbH: ensuring the quality standard of park maintenance, increasing the attractiveness of the facilities, increasing user satisfaction and improving target group-specific marketing.

Duration: 11/2016 – 03/2017
Client: Grün Berlin GmbH
Team: Ansgar Düben, Dr. Angela Jain, Sabine Schröder, Manuela Weber