The state-wide guidelines for citizen participation (LLBB) developed by the state of Berlin in a participatory process with the districts and the implementation concept developed for them are also to be applied in the Berlin districts. Districts may develop their own guidelines based on the LLBB and the implementation plan and design implementation. However, information and participation of citizens should be standardized and implemented transparently as far as possible.

The district of Reinickendorf is already planning to set up an office for participation and also to enter the district project descriptions in the list of projects of the state of Berlin. For the implementation of the instruments contained in the LLBB, necessary structures, processes and communication channels for and with the administration must be developed in the districts. To kick off this development process, the district commissioned Planergemeinschaft für Stadt und Raum eG and the nexus Institute with the conception, moderation and documentation of two events.

Duration: 11/2020-02/2021
Client: Bezirksamt Reinickendorf von Berlin
Team: Dr. Birgit Böhm (Projektleitung), Nicolas Bach
Project partner: Planergemeinschaft für Stadt und Raum eG