nexus is conducting a project on behalf of Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. to investigate the communication culture in the German-language Wikipedia. The aim of the explorative study is to explore the communication culture at Wikipedia through discussions with community members in order to better understand organizational and social structures and individual behavior. The investigation focuses in particular on the backgrounds, motives and effects of destructive communication in digital space. The exploratory approach creates a basic understanding of the research subject, which can be followed up by further research.

Within the framework of the project, an initiating kick-off workshop is held with the client. Based on the results, narrative interviews with Wikipedia users* will be conducted and evaluated using content analysis methods and tools. The results will be made available to the interested public in a study report and discussed at a final workshop to derive practical recommendations for action to strengthen a constructive communication culture.

Duration: 09/2020 – 01/2021
Client: Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.
Team: Franziska Detsch (Project manager), Dr. Thomas Blanchet

Photo: Anna Shvets / Pexels