Bocholt has been part of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s “Zukunftsstadt” competition since 2015. The competition consists of three phases: In the first phase the citizens* developed Bocholt’s visions for the future city Bocholt 2030+. The second phase served to develop the visions into a concept. The currently ongoing final third phase deals with the systematic implementation of proposals and ideas through concrete measures.

This is where the civic participation procedure planning cell comes in. In three consecutive days, 60 randomly selected residents of Bocholt and 30 stakeholders of the city will discuss different ideas of mobility and the promotion of physical activity in Bocholt and jointly consider how the current situation can be sustainably improved. They receive information from experts and develop recommendations for the city of Bocholt in unmoderated small groups.

The planning cells are designed, prepared, implemented and evaluated by the nexus Institute.

Duration: 04/2020 – 01/2021
Client: Universität Wuppertal, Fakultät für Human- und Sozialwissenschaften, Institut für Demokratie- und Partizipationsforschung (IDPF)
Team: Nicolas Bach (Project management), Vanessa Kügler

Picture: Logo Zukunftsstadt 2030