Energy transition in the Barnim district

Using the example of the Barnim district, nexus is investigating how citizens can be involved in the energy transition at the municipal level.

Energy transition in the Barnim district2023-08-21T11:47:29+02:00

Concept for citizen participation in Wolfsburg

nexus conducts citizens' forums, youth forums and a citizens' meeting in which the future structure of citizen participation in Wolfsburg is developed and subsequently decided in the city council.

Concept for citizen participation in Wolfsburg2023-08-21T11:13:47+02:00

Hyderabad as a sustainable megacity

Together with civil society initiatives in the southern Indian metropolis of Hyderabad, nexus is developing projects and concepts for citizen participation on the topic of "low-emission lifestyles".

Hyderabad as a sustainable megacity2023-08-16T15:58:38+02:00

Digital society: smart and secure

nexus is developing a "Charter for the Secure Information Society" for the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in exchange with relevant stakeholders.

Digital society: smart and secure2023-08-10T15:40:42+02:00


nexus supports HafenCity University Hamburg in the development of a new Structure and Development Plan (STEP).