Climate Assembly Skopje

nexus supports the conception, implementation and evaluation of a citizens' council in Skopje on air pollution.

Climate Assembly Skopje2024-06-19T09:05:17+02:00

Enhancing Societal Resilience (ESR)

nexus is developing an expert exchange system for dealing with terrorism based on the example of the particularly resilient Israeli society, which is experienced in crisis management.

Enhancing Societal Resilience (ESR)2023-08-18T15:50:54+02:00

Evaluation of the Hamburg Seniors’ Participation Act

nexus evaluates the Hamburg Seniors' Participation Act with the involvement of the Seniors' Advisory Councils and other interest groups and compares it with the experiences of other federal states.

Evaluation of the Hamburg Seniors’ Participation Act2023-08-15T15:20:26+02:00