iDEM – Innovative and Inclusive Democratic Spaces for Deliberation and Participation

nexus is researching the challenges faced by people with disabilities in political participation processes. Together with ten other European partners, nexus is developing an AI-based voice assistant to facilitate the communicative participation of people with disabilities.

iDEM – Innovative and Inclusive Democratic Spaces for Deliberation and Participation2024-02-21T16:03:19+01:00

Climate Assembly Skopje

nexus supports the conception, implementation and evaluation of a citizens' council in Skopje on air pollution.

Climate Assembly Skopje2024-01-16T15:16:53+01:00

U_LOG: Sustainable Urban Logistics

nexus organises the citizen participation processes within the framework of a consortium that transports sustainable solutions for the transport of goods and goods in three large-scale cities in three large-scale cities.

U_LOG: Sustainable Urban Logistics2023-08-21T10:49:56+02:00

Hyderabad as a sustainable megacity

Together with civil society initiatives in the southern Indian metropolis of Hyderabad, nexus is developing projects and concepts for citizen participation on the topic of "low-emission lifestyles".

Hyderabad as a sustainable megacity2023-08-16T15:58:38+02:00