On February 10th, 2021, the European Union’s funded HubIT project will organise its Final e-Conference LABOURTECH 2021 – Industry 4.0 technologies and its impact on the labour market in collaboration with P.PORTO. The objective of this event is to discuss and understand the consequences of future technologies in our labour market, with special attention to the role of responsible innovation and the perspectives from organisations, employees and the society.

Technological advances can bring many benefits for our society with significant impact in the way we communicate, work and live. These advances had led us to the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, where technologies, such as large-scale machine-to-machine communication (M2M), the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and automation have disrupted the labour market, making us more efficient, more productive and more cost-efficient. But, would these advances make us more dispensable? Would they increase the control over employees’ performance? How will they affect the decision-making process of an organisation?

In LABOURTECH 2021, a look is given into the positive and negative impacts of future technologies in the labour market, and the role of responsible innovation in the Industry 4.0. comprising HubIT’s know-how and results acquired by the project during the last 30 months.

For this purpose and in order to ensure a fruitful and insightful discussion, the conference brings together renowned speakers with different expertise. Some sounding names are Dr. Árpád Ráb – a futurist and cultural anthropologist from Corvinus University (Hungary), Mr. Rui Tocha – the General Director of CENTIMFE (Portugal) -, Marco Wedel – Political Scientist from TU Berlin (Germany) – and Ms. Marta Arniani – founder of Futurible and expert on technology impact (France).

Any person can participate with an online registration (free of charge). Participants will have the chance to make questions during the session and even to network online with other attendees.

  • detailed agenda of the conference can be accessed here
  • register to the free virtual conference, you just need to apply on the event page of the HubIT website available here

nexus has been supporting the organization of the event. From nexus side, Dr. Thomas Blanchet will act as a speaker with a presentation entitled “ Responsible ICT research and innovation through inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation? Lessons from practical experimentations“ (together with Dr. Robert Richter from TU Berlin)

graphic: HubIT