Although the last year pushed us to use digital media more than ever before, setting up a high-quality eParticipation project still requires some unique skills. The ERASMUS+ Project DIGY aims at making eParticipation as easy as possible for project initiators and young people. In DIGY, a European consortium of youth organisations and participation practitioners have brought together the needed expertise to create learning materials (audio-visual, podcasts, texts) on youth eParticipation. Additionally, we have set up a forum and regular meetings for peer-to-peer exchange, and make improvements to the youth participation platform OPIN.

Check out the first three videos if you want learn the basics about…

Video 1: How to set feasible goals for an eParticipation project


Video 2: How to activate youth to participate

Video 3: How to plan and prepare a project effectively

More materials will be shared in the upcoming months. If you are interested in the topic, you can subscribe to the DIGY newsletter

Picture: Creativitas