10 years after the referendum on the non-development of Tempelhofer Feld, the Berlin Senate would like to re-engage the city’s population in a dialogue about what kind of city and what kind of Tempelhofer Feld Berliners want today, in view of the changing conditions – population growth, greater demands on climate protection, housing shortage. A variety of perspectives and voices should be heard and the question should not be narrowed down to a yes or no to the peripheral development.

Tempelhof Projekt GmbH has commissioned the nexus Institute to design a dialogue process on behalf of the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Planning. It consists of the following project parts:

  • a dialogue workshop with a kick-off event, two sessions in September 2024 to develop perspectives for Tempelhofer Feld and a further session in June/July 2025 – after the ideas competition has been completed – with recommendations to the state of Berlin
  • the election of citizens from the dialogue workshop to participate in the jury of the international ideas competition
  • additional participation of children and young people on the field in July 2024
  • Accompanying public communication on various channels (from the beginning of July 2024)

The participation process is fundamentally open-ended and is based on the criteria for good participation as set out in the guidelines for citizen participation in urban spatial development projects and processes (https://www.berlin.de/raum-fuer-beteiligung/). This includes neutral, respectful moderation and the preparation of the specialist topics so that they are equally accessible to citizens with different prior experience and knowledge and so that everyone can participate in the discussion competently.

The dialogue workshops will consist of a kick-off event in July 2024 and three weekend sessions, two of them in September 2024 and one after the conclusion of the urban design ideas competition in summer 2025. Here, citizens will review the winning designs from the ideas competition to see whether their recommendations have actually been taken into account. Finally, they will comment on the question of whether and how the Tempelhofer Feld Act should be amended.

In addition, in the second half of July 2024, the nexus Institute is organising an extensive participation programme for children and young people in two age groups, which can be booked by school and after-school groups. The results will be presented by participating children and young people who will take part in the first dialogue workshop as ambassadors.

The citizens selected to take part in the ideas competition as judges are supported and coached so that they can fulfil their role competently and on an equal footing.

Duration: 04/2024 – 07/2025
Client: Tempelhof Projekt GmbH im Auftrag der Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung, Bauen und Wohnen
Team: Ina Metzner (Project manager), Birgit Böhm (Deputy project management), Tzvetina Arsova Netzelmann, Antje Heera, Justine Kenzler, Max Raucamp, Philipp Scheitz
Projectpartner: die wegmeister gmbh, Planergemeinschaft für Stadt und Raum eG