The last week of January was a busy, exciting and interactive time for the ACTIon project!

25th-26th January: International capacity building workshop

On the 25th and 26th of January, nexus and their Bulgarian partner HESED hosted a capacity building workshop for 12 trainers from ACTIon’s project consortium. This training prepared the trainers – from Germany, Greece, Bulgaria and North Macedonia – for implementing the two ACTIon programmes, DigiPAC (Digital Participation and Active Citizenship, developed by nexus) and MOLA (Model for Opinion Leaders Activation, by HESED), with youths in their communities in the upcoming piloting phase of the project. Each training programme was presented and illustrated through at least one practical activity: the trainers thus put themselves in the shoes of trainees, experienced the programmes and then shared their experiences, feedback and tips.

On the 25th of January, the participants were familiarised with the nexus programme, DigiPAC. They developed „do’s and don’ts“ of interacting online, shared and discussed experiences of online discrimination, hate speech and intolerance, participated in an online debate and learned how to use two digital tools for online participation – the platform „OPIN“ platform and the app „F.I.R.E.“.

On the 26th of January, HESED’s Savka Savova introduced the partners to the programme, MOLA. The trainers practiced discussing the topic of fake news and online disinformation with young people. They also learned how to identify opinion leaders in their respective community, and „activate” them to use online social networks for promoting behavioural change among their peers.

The workshop was a valuable experience that not only allowed partners to interact and experience the programmes themselves – it also generated important feedback for nexus and HESED on their work.

27th January: Facebook Live event

On the 27th of January, the ACTIon partners organised their first public event – a live Facebook event! This was hosted and moderated by Kostas Diamantis Balaskas from ACTIon‘s Greek partner, Action Synergy. Tzvetina Arsova-Netzelmann from nexus and Savka Savova from HESED presented DigiPAC and MOLA to the public, and then reacted to questions and comments from the approximately 60 attendees. For those who missed the event, don’t worry – the recording is already available on Action Synergy’s Facebook page. The Power Point Presentations of the programmes can be accessed under the following links: DigiPAC and MOLA.

We are excited to move towards the piloting phase of the project – both programmes will soon be realised with young people in schools and community education centers in Bulgaria, Germany, North Macedonia and Greece!

More information on ACTIon can be found on the project website.