Dear OPIN Initiators and eParticipation Enthusiasts,

Over the past 3 years the partners involved in DiGY Erasmus + projected focused on 4 main outcomes to ensure that eparticipation initiators have various tools at their disposal to lead meaningful and effective decision making processes. The project had four concrete goals:

– Create an OPIN Community.
– Provide self-taught E-learning materials.
– Establish tips for best practices.
– Redesign the OPIN.ME platform.

#OPIN community invites you to meet with other #eParticipation practitioners for the 14th OPIN Community Webinar. During this webinar, you will learn how to tap and access the DiGY information on the newly redesigned OPIN.ME platform. The DiGY members will share practical examples in the use cases section, meet the OPIN ambassadors and accessing the eLearning material in the how to section.

The DiGY members are eagerly awaiting to share the 4 outputs with professionals in the field to ensure that young people are engaged in decision-making at a local, regional, national and European level.

Join us for our discussion in the 14th edition of the OPIN Community Meetings.

When: Tuesday, August 23th from 10 to 11 pm CET.

We will meet on Zoom:

Meeting-ID: 858 3331 8755
Passcode: 267229

Find out more about the OPIN Community on DIGY website

Illustration: Creativitas