Nets and

Human-centred technology development: Shaping tomorrow’s world in a value-based way so that technology serves people.

In the research department Nets and Society, we work on the development and application of concepts of participatory technology design, and network policy issues such as IT security and data protection. We place particular emphasis on taking into account the different perspectives of various needs and interest groups and the implicit and explicit assumptions that guide technology development. Only through the systematic participation of users and the consideration of the different objectives of digital developments can technology be designed in a demand-oriented and social way.

Technology is never neutral and is not conceived in a vacuum; rather, there are explicit objectives and implicit assumptions. Systematic inclusion of this level of reflection is essential for well thought-out, efficient technology development. This not only facilitates the consideration of data protection requirements for risk assessment, but also leads to a broader acceptance of the developed technologies.

The department of Nets and Society is headed by Dr. Daniel Guagnin.

Project examples