KIDD – Artificial Intelligence in the Service of Diversity

lgorithms can only be as good as the data on which they are based. To avoid discrimination, it is important to accompany and control the input of data and rules: The applications of digital systems should already consider different perspectives in the design process and include people with diverse backgrounds.

The project “KIDD – AI in the Service of Diversity” develops a process for this using several experimental spaces as examples. At the center of KIDD are several practical projects in cooperation with companies. All of them are to test co-creative processes in the introduction of a digital system in experimental spaces – involving as diverse a mix of employees and experts as possible.

The partners are, TU-BBerlin, Heraus Medical GmbH, msg systems AG, CHEMISTREE GmbH together with Q_PERIOR AG, and epsum GmbH. This means that SMEs are just as much involved as large international corporations. These partners bring in different topics around the use of human-centered applications of digital systems: from Sales Intelligence on Customers, the evaluation of cleaning services to the use of AI in human resource management.

A process is created – and should be transferable to others

From practice to process: Based on the experience gained, an exemplary non-discriminatory and human-centered “KIDD process” is created, as well as quality criteria derived from it, which can also be applied in other companies and to other issues concerning digital systems.
Quality assurance is also derived from the process to ensure sustainable process reliability. Through the development of training courses, laypersons are enabled to assess and accompany a process for the development of algorithms and digital applications with sufficient expertise. Comprehensive project communication ensures the involvement of a broad social public from the very beginning.

Participatory processes: All stakeholders collaborate on algorithms and AI solutions.
Systematic participation of operational stakeholders and interest groups forms the core of the KIDD project. They are actively involved in the development or introduction of algorithms and AI solutions that link human-centric applications with other company processes. To achieve this, a wide variety of expertise (software development, AI, diversity, ethics and participation) must be brought into a dialog and internal participation must be enabled across all levels.

The goal is for the planning, development and implementation of diversity-sensitive, human-centric applications of digital systems and AI to be systematically flanked by the social partners.

The project runs until Sept. 30, 2023, and is managed by nexus Institut für Kooperationsmanagement und interdisziplinäre Forschung GmbH in Berlin. In this context, nexus is responsible for project management, coordination of the experimental rooms, participation/corporate co-determination and quality development.

Duration: 10/2020 – 09/2023
Client: Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Team: Christiane Dienel and Arnd Hofmeister (project management), Fabian Dantscher, Antonios Hazim, Eva Shepherd
Project partners:, TU-BBerlin, Heraus Medical GmbH, msg systems AG, CHEMISTREE GmbH, Q_PERIOR AG, epsum GmbH


Foto / Illustration:KIDD – Artificial Intelligence in the Service of Diversity