Justine Kenzler

Research Associate
Tel.: +49 (0)176 42987959

Justine Kenzler studied Psychology, Ethics and Global and Transnational Sociology in the Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden and Finland. During her studies, she focused mainly on the influence of social media on women’s psychosocial self-perception as well as the democratic public sphere and its consequences for (political) participation.

Justine Kenzler has already gained practical experience, among other things, as a project assistant in the European Parliament, as the main organizer of a TEDx conference, and most recently as an office manager and research assistant in the Bundestag in the area of digital policy.

At the nexus Institute, Justine Kenzler works as a research fellow in the area of networks and society. n addition, she is the Editorial Officer of the journal “Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research”, which has been co-created by nexus since 2017.


Hachmeister, Lutz; Kenzler, Justine; Granzeuer, Fabian (2018): Ein Vakuum aus Kalkül. Zum Zustand der deutschen und europäischen Medienpolitik. In: https://www.bpb.de/apuz/276549/zum-zustand-der-deutschen-und-europaeischen-medienpolitik