Project Description

Schleswig-Holstein, as a predominantly rural federal state, is often confronted with the ever-increasing problem of safeguarding services of general interest.

Mobility plays a key role today and in the future in ensuring basic services for the rural population and the accessibility of social and cultural infrastructure and jobs.

In order to counteract a further increase in the number of cars and the volume of motorised private transport, alternative mobility options are currently being tested in many municipalities. Carpooling opportunities, driving services and car sharing have arrived in rural areas as a sensible supplement to existing collective offers.

This is also the case in the municipality of Klixbüll in North Frisia with its 1000 inhabitants, which, on the initiative of the mayor and with the support of committed citizens*, has created an electric car sharing service that is economically viable after just a few months and enjoys great attention in the state. On the basis of this positive example, the active regions have joined forces with the support of the nexus Institute to draw up a guideline for committed municipalities that themselves want to establish an alternative mobility offer in the form of rural car sharing.

The project “Dörpsmobil-Schleswig-Holstein” is a nationwide cooperation project of the 22 Schleswig-Holstein LAG AktivRegionen, which are supported by the LEADER concept of the EU and supervised by the Akademie für die ländlichen Räume SH (Academy for Rural Areas SH).

Video: E-Carsharing – a community shows the world how it works. #Dörpsmobil

Duration: 04/2017 – 07/2017
Client: Akademie für die ländlichen Räume Schleswig-Holsteins e.V.
Team: Dr. Angela Jain (Projektleitung), Charlotte Hegel, Tobias Kuttler

Guidelines: Dörpsmobil SH – We move the village! A Guide to Electric Mobile Carsharing in Rural Areas
Publisher: AktivRegionen-Netzwerk Schleswig-Holstein
Process: Dr. Angela Jain (Projektleitung), Norman Döge, Charlotte Hegel
Design: prunk und pracht, Alexander Heidemüller

Download the guide

Printed copies can be ordered free of charge from the office of the Akademie für die Ländlichen Räume Schleswig-Holsteins e.V. (Academy for the Rural Areas of Schleswig-Holstein). / Tel.: 04347-704800