With its approximately 6 million inhabitants, the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region is one of the most dynamic metropolitan regions in Germany and Europe. In summer 2020, the state governments of Brandenburg and Berlin agreed to develop an overall strategic framework for their cooperation in the capital region.

The aim is to formulate guiding ideas for the development of the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region in this decade, to create a uniform framework for ongoing joint projects, to launch new joint projects and to strengthen the cross-thematic links between the policy fields.

The two governments have defined eight fields of action which are the subject of the overall strategic framework. Each field of action is to be supported by concrete individual projects.

The eight fields of action are:

  • Settlement development and housing market
  • Mobility
  • Economy, skilled workers, energy and climate protection
  • Voluntary engagement
  • Media and promotion of democracy
  • Natural resources and quality of life (especially health, social and green infrastructure, water supply and sanitation, and crime prevention)
  • Digital transformation
  • Science, research, culture and education
  • Cosmopolitanism, international networking and cooperation with Poland

With regard to the overall strategic framework for the capital region and its fields of action, nexus conducted and evaluated a non-public online expert dialogue and a dialogue for the general public via the participation platform my Berlin: In which areas should the already existing cooperation between the two countries be intensified? Which topics are particularly important? Which projects should be implemented? What preconditions must be created for this? In total, more than 1500 ideas and comments were received in both dialogues.

The results of the online participation will be evaluated together with the lead departments of both countries and will be incorporated into the final version of the overall strategic framework in spring 2021.

Duration: 11/2020 – 02/2021
Client: Staatskanzlei Brandenburg
Team: Sabine Schröder (project management), Fabian Dantscher