What should the school of tomorrow look like? How can future generations be better prepared for the world of tomorrow? Randomly selected students, parents, teachers and other interested parties from all over Germany will come together to discuss these questions.  In six sessions, the vision and guiding principles for the school of tomorrow (National Curriculum) will be established and concrete recommendations will be developed in the following fields of action: “values”, “competencies” and “learning fields”. In a subsequent hackathon, this mission statement will be practically developed and validated before it is finalised and adopted by the Future Council, hackathon participants and experts. The results will be fed into the political discourse at a high level by the client #wirfürschule.

Within the framework of the project, nexus is responsible for the random selection and the management of participants, as well as, together with ifok GmbH, for the conception and implementation of the citizen participation components consisting of the “Future Council” and strategy workshops with the Strategic Council of the project. In addition, an information platform will be provided for the participants. The implementation of the hackathon is the responsibility of the client.

Duration: 04/2021 – 07/2021
Client: #wirfürschule
Team: Dr. Christine von Blanckenburg (Project Lead)
Projectpartner: Ifok GmbH