In view of the ongoing climate change and the special responsibility of large cities, the state of Berlin has created the conditions for Berlin to become a climate-neutral city by 2050 at the latest. Based on the feasibility study Climate Neutral Berlin, a Berlin Energy and Climate Protection Program (BEK 2030) was developed, which includes strategies and around 100 measures. But how can this be done in a citizen-friendly way so that all Berliners can support the change processes?

With the Climate Citizens’ Assembly, which will meet in the spring of 2022, the Senate Department for the Environment, Mobility, Consumer and Climate Protection (SenUMVK) is creating the opportunity to include different perspectives of the Berlin population into the process. In the Climate Citizen’s Council, randomly selected Berlin citizens come together on behalf of Berlin’s urban society to jointly develop measures and ideas for achieving Berlin’s climate goals.

nexus designs the Berlin Climate Citizens’ Assembly and is supported by the IASS (Institute for Advanced Sustainability studies) and Klima-Mitbestimmung JETZT e.V.

Duration: 11/2021 – 07/2022
Client: Senatsverwaltung für Umwelt, Mobilität, Verbraucher- und Klimaschutz (SenUMVK)
Team: Christine von Blanckenburg (Projektleitung), Zora Ott, Wiebke Blum
Partner: IASS Potsdam (Institute für Advanced Sustainability studies) und Klima-Mitbestimmung JETZT e.V.