Amy Winkler

Ecological Federal Voluntary Service
tel.: +49 (0)30 31805463

Amy Winkler obtained her Bachelor of Arts in German and English from Heidelberg University. During her time as a student, she worked as a research assistant for the German Medieval Studies department. She received a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation in 2016.

Through her specialisation in linguistics, Amy discovered and developed a strong interest in social science – particularly in social psychological phenomena (such as social identity and hierarchy), and their relation to verbal, non- and paraverbal forms of interaction. At the same time, she increasingly became interested in human-environment-relations, their crises and the according societal transformations at hand: she attended, for example, interdisciplinary courses at Heidelberg University and the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities, and worked as a volunteer for both Fridays for Future and the educational organisation „Climate Fresk“.

In order to combine and pursue both interests – social science and human-environment-relations – and further develop her research skills, she is currently spending a ten-month voluntary ecological service (October 2021 – Juli 2022) at the nexus Institute.